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Proudly Western Australian owned and operated

Raycraft Computer Consultants endeavours to provide good old fashioned Consulting in Perth and Surrounding Area's, with quality, friendly sales and services, including:

Onsite Sales, Services and Repairs.
New Systems and Peripherals at Competitive Prices for Home and Business Solutions.
Computer Hardware, and Upgrades.
Software Advice and Help.

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Latest Content Additions

Customer Service
What does customer service mean to people these days?Is it the polite please and thank you at the checkout or is there more to true customer service? This morning I went into a store to purchase a few small items, but to also get some advice. I was served by a young gentleman who tried to help me e...
500 GB Solid State Hard Disk
500 GB Solid State Hard Disk (Install extra). Give your PC a performance boost. Solid State Drives are much faster than conventional SATA Hard drives as there are no moving parts.You will certainly notice a boost in your PC's access time to your favourite programs !...

Testimonials Our Clients Love Us!


Successful as always. Alan is patient, kind and helpful to a degree and his attention and response is sincerely appreciated. A gem!

Lindy van Tuil

Had my laptop fixed by the brilliant Alan Raycraft.. and was so happy with the service..I highly recommend him for your computer needs..he knows his stuff, is fast and has alot of integrity.... after my previous experience with tech guys he was a breath of fresh air.

Karen Benson

Alan Raycraft, i have always been happy with the service you have provided me when my laptop has gone down. You have a very professional approach to your business & your very prompt & quick with having my laptop back to me. 10/10 in my opinion goes to you & your business.